Falling Body

by Illusory Games

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released October 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Illusory Games Canberra, Australia

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Track Name: Retreating
Retreating from what was
Entering what has been
I am always exiting
I have been plucked from the sun
Track Name: Envious Mystic
I am approaching the spire
I am treating my wounds
Not yet with grace i am begging
I have no pride to uphold

I am again at the foot of the tower
Torches burn bright in lemon shade light
I ascend i am floating
Night sky above obsidian open

Hunter unshorn with robes and jewels
I hear spoken in a
Caves and ladders i am borne with wings
I turn my eyes to the ground
Track Name: Jasper
Night skies
The sun has opened i’m crawling inside
Webs connect leather and silk
I’ve not long

Golden palms
laced with pearl
Jasper dreams
amethyst worlds
Oceans of dirt
Smothered expanse
I’m looking sideways
Autumnal and black

Into another
Indifferent highways
I’ll not be back
Facing forward
I’m not long
I’m not long
I’ll be gone
Track Name: Belong
Walked Into My hands
I have seen the sun
I have entered
Entering my hands
I have not begun
I have gone
Off into the edge of the into again
Opening my hands
I have seen it
Opening my arms
Tell me what is this
Begun to begin again
Facing the exit
Drawn toward the sun
Sign of times i’m living
Living into
Going again
I’m going on

Smoking machines
Always smoking
I have been up all night
Whispering into an aether
We have been overcome with sighs

I have been tolling obscure
I treat my songs like a journal
I am scared of exits

Goodbyes and then nothings

Great fires have been wrought
On the grounds where I live
For now it is peaceful
For how long will that stay?

I use the same words
I have obsessions
Time will not make clean

Was I ever meant to be here?

Corporeal planes
There I go again

I am using the same words
I tell the same stories
I stagnate with with similar timelines
I’ll clean my hands
One more time